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20 February 2023

Accord donates £2,500

To the DEC Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal
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Accord donates £2,500 to the DEC Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal

Accord has donated £2,500 to the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal to help provide aid to people in desperate need.

A series of devastating earthquakes hit southern Turkey and north-west Syria on 6 February killing thousands and injuring many more. 

Thousands of buildings, including hospitals and schools, have collapsed and infrastructure has been badly damaged. Local responders are desperately searching through the rubble for survivors.

People have been left without shelter in freezing winter conditions and desperately need blankets, emergency shelter, food and clean water.

DEC charities and their local partners are among the first responders providing urgent help. Immediate priorities are search and rescue, medical treatment for the injured, shelter for those who have lost their homes, heating in safe spaces, blankets, warm clothes, and ensuring people have food and clean water.

How you can help 

You can help people affected by the crisis by making a donation and helping to raise money for the DEC appeal. This will allow DEC charities and their local partners to scale up their response and reach more people.

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Accord's ongoing support for humanitarian efforts

In June 2022, Accord made a £2,500 donation to the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) appeal for humanitarian support in Ukraine to help those affected by the conflict in Ukraine and refugees in neighbouring countries. 

In October 2022, the union made a £2,500 donation to the DEC Pakistan Floods Appeal after floods devastated parts of Pakistan, leaving millions in need of urgent help to survive. 

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