Important notice for Accord reps in LBG: Join us for a virtual get-together on Tuesday 14th December.

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A better deal for on-call staff

Accord has long been campaigning for a better deal for on-call staff. 

The effects of the pandemic on their hours, pay and associated terms and conditions shone an even brighter light on the unfairness of the current arrangements.

Taking direct feedback from our on-call members, we’ve been working with the business to improve things. And we’re pleased with the position that’s been reached: 

This new approach offers real advantages for colleagues currently ‘on-call’, giving them certainty around the number of hours they’ll work and benefiting from the total reward package, i.e., Group Performance Share (bonus), pension, flex and a fairer allocation of holidays. 121s with all on-call colleagues started this week.

If you're an on-call colleague and not yet an Accord member, have you thought about joining? We’ve made a real difference to how you're treated by LBG and we’d welcome your support to keep our work going.

Any queries or feedback should be sent to: paula.t[email protected]

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