7 August 2017: My Accord magazine – latest issue has landed

The August edition of My Accord magazine is out now!

In this edition of My Accord, members can read all about Accord’s new recognition deal with MBNA, Accord’s Chris Rimell speaks on LGBT+, get the latest on our push for extra support for women at work during menopause and read all about the misconceptions around Connect and branches.

Election time – read about the upcoming general secretary election and what it takes to become a workplace rep ahead of the September rep elections. Get an update on the recent job loss announcements and read about TSB’s gender pay gap report.

Get the latest industry news, read real life case studies from Accord members about the problems they’ve faced at work and how the union has helped them. And get answers to a range of questions submitted by members, including issues around taking holiday during the school holidays, mid-year ratings and one-to-ones with line managers… plus much more!

The next issue will be out around in the next few months so if you’ve got anything to tell us, get in touch by emailing info@accordhq.org

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