6 June 2017: Mid-year talks & ratings – advice for members (TSB)

The mid-year performance management process in TSB is about to begin.

To kick things off, you’ll have a chat with your line manager to understand how you’re getting on, what development areas to focus on and next steps.

Mid-year ratings will be shared with you in July. You’ll also have your review conversation during July and you should complete your performance commentary in time for this.

It’s really important that you’re appraised properly and your rating is a fair reflection of your performance.

If you’re not happy with your rating, then you should challenge it. For more on how to do this, download Accord’s helpful guide here.

Make sure you understand the four different ratings, especially the new OnTrack+ rating. There’s lots of material on the bank’s intranet to help.

If you’ve got any questions or concerns, discuss them with your local Accord officer. Contact details are here.

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