6 June 2017: Around 500 LBG staff impacted by TUPE transfer to IBM

Lloyds Banking Group has announced its plans to transfer around 500 permanent employees from its Group IT function to IBM on 1st September 2017.

Approximately 1,000 contractors will also be impacted and will move to IBM.

The main details of the transfer are:

  • Under the terms of a 10 year agreement, IBM will deliver an on and off premise Cloud hosted in LBG and IBM data centres.
  • The in-scope systems transferring to IBM are Windows (x86), Unix, Linux and iSeries with investment to re-platform 1,800 applications over a three year period.
  • Staff transferring to IBM will continue their current roles in their current locations.
  • The proposed terms and conditions of employment with IBM and related matters have been communicated to the staff who are to be transferred.

Accord’s General Secretary, Ged Nichols, said:

“This is a very significant change for the people who face having their employment transferred out of Lloyds Banking Group irrespective of their personal preferences. We’ve been working hard to ensure that they have secure futures with IBM and that their terms and conditions of employment are appropriate and commensurate.

We’ll now be taking members’ feedback on the proposals and what they want us to do to support them in the transition.”

Any queries should be sent to ged.nichols@accordhq.org

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