6 December 2018: LBG announce changes to performance management system

Lloyds Banking Group has announced changes to its performance management system following a joint review with Accord and Unite.

The Group committed to undertake the review with both unions as part of the 2018 Pay Agreement.

The new approach, which the bank is calling ‘Your Best’, is adopting a more simple, straightforward and collaborative approach to performance management. It will be rolled out across the Group early next year.

Accord has been heavily involved in pressing for change and developing the new approach.

For example, see the following:

  • An extract from a letter to the Head of HR at LBG from Ged Nichols in June 2014 following Accord’s conference that year here.
  • An extract from the joint agreement on pay 2018 between Accord, Unite and LBG here.
  • Some motions from Accord’s conferences in 2016 & 2018 here. 

In a message to members, Accord’s general secretary, Ged Nichols, said:

“The changes are exciting but there’s plenty more work to be done.”

Any comments or queries should be sent to ged.nichols@accordhq.org

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