5 December 2018: TSB fall short on 2018 partner experience survey

TSB announced the results of its 2018 Partner Experience survey this morning and unsurprisingly, the results fall short of previous year’s high scores and the response rate was the highest to date, with 78% of partners taking part.

In summary, TSB’s overall engagement scores are lower than last year, the business hasn’t met the threshold to make the ‘2018 Great Place to Work’ list and its overall Trust Index score is 64% which is well below where it’s been before. Reward, trust in leadership, and strategy and direction of TSB are areas which have seen the biggest decrease.

In a message to members Accord’s head of membership and services in TSB, Linda Crouch, said:

“The results are understandably a reflection of the difficult year for everybody in TSB.

The bank knows it’s got its work cut out to put things right for partners and is already demonstrating its desire to get back on track through partner voice and link sessions, resolving customer complaints and appointing a new CEO. And, through our negotiations, paying a £1,500 recognition award in December salaries.

For us, it’s business as usual. We’ve started talks on pay 2019 and we’ll be pushing for an attractive pay offer.

Accord is an open and democratic union – we’ll do what our members want. That’s why it’s important you let us know your expectations.”

Members are invited to send feedback to linda.crouch@accordhq.org.

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