4 April 2018: Saturday working for Mortgage Advisers

Lloyds Banking Group has announced its intention to incentivise Saturday working between April and September for Mortgage Advisors and Mortgage and Protection Advisers.

Accord does not support this initiative and thinks that it will cause as many problems as it seeks to resolve.

Accord doesn’t believe that it will generate more business for the bank overall but rather simply shift appointments around. In addition, it has the potential to create resentment from other staff who won’t be incentivised, which is divisive and not team orientated.

Despite Accords view, the bank will go ahead in an attempt to increase the level of new mortgage business to improve the profitability and sustainability of branches.

Accord members who volunteer to increase their Saturday working commitment should be mindful that when the incentive ends, the question of permanent changes to working patterns to include more Saturdays may be ‘on the table’.

Any questions or comments should be sent to jim.fielding@accordhq.org



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