31 May 2017: LBG to take part in 2017 Bank Standards Board survey

LBG is one of 25 financial services organisations that has agreed to take part in the 2017 Banking Standards Board (BSB) survey which will be rolled out to around 15,000 randomly selected colleagues in June.

The BSB assessment has three main aims:

  • To provide individual Boards with useable and relevant information – enabling them to judge the extent to which they’re achieving their objectives with respect to culture, behaviour and competence;
  • To identify what is and isn’t working across the sector – whether resources are being prioritised effectively and whether the objectives remain the right ones;
  • To build up an evidence-based picture of developments across the sector that will facilitate collective efforts to raise standards, benchmark performance and share good practice.

The assessment includes an online survey, a Board questionnaire, focus groups and interviews with senior executives.

Accord and a number of other unions in the finance sector regularly engage with the Banking Standards Board.

A sector wide report will be available in the first quarter of 2018.

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