Monthly Archives: September 2018

27 September 2018: Accord and LBG agree important improvements for working families

LBG has listened to members’ views and agreed to make some significant improvements to maternity,… [Read More]

21 September 2018: Agreement keeps security of employment terms in place

We’ve been talking with TSB about how we can jointly give partners more confidence about… [Read More]

20 September 2018: LBG’s 2018 colleague survey – have your say

Lloyds Banking Group has launched its 2018 Colleague Survey today and Accord is recommending that… [Read More]

13 September 2018: The Power of an Hour returns

After the success of ‘Power of an Hour’ in 2017, Lloyds Banking Group is repeating… [Read More]

12 September 2018: Lloyds Bank to close 15 more branches

Lloyds Bank has announced today that it will close a further 15 branches by the… [Read More]

10 September 2018: TUC Congress – celebrating 150 years of trade unionism

On Sunday the Trade Union Congress kicked off in Manchester, an annual event where the… [Read More]

6 September 2018: August subscription draw winners announced

The August subscription draw winners have been announced and the lucky top prize winner of… [Read More]

5 September 2018: Changes announced in MBNA

MBNA staff will feel the impact following Lloyds Banking Group’s business re-organisation announcement today.  … [Read More]

5 September 2018: Business re-organisation across LBG

Lloyds Banking Group has today announced its plans re-organise various business divisions which includes 380… [Read More]

4 September 2018: Dates for LBG reps’ meetings announced

The latest round of reps’ general meetings (RGMs) will be taking place throughout November in… [Read More]

4 September 2018: September KIT for LBG reps out now

The September edition of Keeping In Touch (KIT) is out now…   Packed with the… [Read More]

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