Monthly Archives: February 2018

26 February 2018: Feeling the cold?

The snow has started to fall with some parts of the UK set to feel… [Read More]

23 February 2018: Work Your Proper Hours Day

Today will see workers across the UK actually leave work on time in celebration of… [Read More]

21 February 2018: LBG announce Performance Share and free shares award

Lloyds Banking Group reported its 2017 results earlier today. A 24% increase in profits, a… [Read More]

15 February 2018: New report on young workers & trade unions

A new report titled ‘Young Workers and Trade Unionism in the Hourglass Economy‘ by the… [Read More]

14 February 2018: LBG’s 2018 Pay Review – Accord members decide

The consultative ballot of Accord members on Lloyds Banking Group’s 2018 pay review closed at… [Read More]

14 February 2018: President & PEC election – ballot papers issued

It’s time for members to vote for their preferred candidates for the role of Accord… [Read More]

12 February 2018: January subscription draw winners announced

The January subscription draw winners have been announced and the lucky top prize winner of… [Read More]

7 February 2018: Calling for motions

Accord’s biennial delegate conference is taking place between 18 – 20 April in Leeds. We… [Read More]

5 February 2018: TSB Award & 2018 Pay Review – The details…

TSB released information on the distribution of its Award and 2018 Pay Review today. Accord… [Read More]

5 February 2018: Accord supports #HeartUnions week

12th  – 18th February: #HeartUnions week of action is back to celebrate the great work… [Read More]

2 February 2018: Accord Mail for members in Lloyds

The February edition of the Accord Mail newsletter for members in Lloyds Bank was distributed yesterday. A… [Read More]

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