Monthly Archives: November 2016

22 November 2016: Accord’s push for new TSB rating succeeds

Accord has been asking TSB to make changes to its performance ratings for the past… [Read More]

16 November 2016: Accord Mail for members in TSB

The November edition of Accord Mail for members in TSB was distributed this afternoon. A copy… [Read More]

15 November 2016: LBG year-end performance management

The year-end performance management process for staff throughout the Lloyds Banking Group is about to… [Read More]

9 November 2016: More than 2,000 job reductions announced in just 28 days

Lloyds Banking Group is cutting another 665 jobs in addition to the 1,340 that were… [Read More]

7 November 2016: Accord Mail for members in Lloyds

The November edition of Accord Mail for members in Lloyds Bank was distributed on 4th November. You… [Read More]

3 November 2016: October subscription draw winners announced

The winners of the October 2016 draw have been announced. The lucky top prize winner… [Read More]

2 November 2016: National Stress Awareness Day

Today is National Stress Awareness Day. And this year’s theme is “Workforce Wellness – Your… [Read More]

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