Monthly Archives: July 2015

30 July 2015: If you have an allergy, a sleep problem or a skin condition and fancy being on TV – click here.

Channel 4 are looking for people to take part in a brand new health programme… [Read More]

29 July 2015: TSB’s Mid-Year Partner Performance Ratings – Guide for members

TSB are in the process of completing calibration for mid-year performance ratings which will be… [Read More]

27 July 2015: Good news on London Allowances

We are pleased to report that following joint discussions between Accord, Unite and the Lloyds… [Read More]

24 July 2015: Westbank to Re-open Today – UPDATE

The bank has confirmed that Westbank will re-open today at 3.00pm having engaged with the… [Read More]

23 July 2015: Temporary Closure of Westbank UPDATE

We’ve stayed in close contact with management throughout the day.  As things stand: West Bank… [Read More]

23 July 2015: Health & Safety Incident – Temporary Closure of Westbank

We are aware of the health and safety concerns that have arisen in Westbank and… [Read More]

14 July 2015: Accord’s new deal with Lloyds Banking Group

We are very pleased to announce that Accord has reached a new deal with Lloyds… [Read More]

7 July 2015: June subscription draw winners announced!

The June 2015 subscription draw winners have been announced and the lucky top prize winner… [Read More]

1 July 2015: 700 more jobs to go at Lloyds

The Lloyds Banking Group announced today that it plans to shed around another 700 jobs… [Read More]

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