Monthly Archives: July 2014

29 July 2014: Accord Vice-Presidents elected

At its meeting in Edinburgh yesterday, Accord’s Principal Executive Council (PEC) elected John Boyle (Mortgage… [Read More]

17 July 2014: June’s subscription draw winners announced!

The June 2014 subscription draw winners have been announced and the lucky top prize winner… [Read More]

15 July 2014: Good news for Accord members in the Lloyds Banking Group today but much more is needed

The Lloyds Banking Group announced today that existing heritage severance payment terms contained within the… [Read More]

9 July 2014: Job losses continue at Lloyds

The Lloyds Banking Group announced today that it plans to shed around another 500 jobs… [Read More]

1 July 2014: Accord Members’ Update

The Lloyds Banking Group announced some changes to its Pay Policy today. The changes arise… [Read More]

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