Monthly Archives: February 2014

26 February 2014: Work Your Proper Hours Day

The 28th February 2014 will see workers across the UK who have worked countless hours… [Read More]

17 February 2014: Clarity on LBG bonus policy for Developing Performers

Since the bank announced its proposals for the 2014 Pay Review and the bonus distribution… [Read More]

13 February 2014: Results reaction – the storm gathers force

Lloyds Banking Group and its CEO Antonio Horta-Osorio had to face into a storm of… [Read More]

13 February 2014: Accord President election – ballot papers being issued

There will be an election to determine who will be Accord’s President from the end… [Read More]

4 February 2014: Job Vacancy at Accord

Job Vacancy Assistant Secretary – West Yorkshire Sites / Yorks & N Midlands Region  … [Read More]

4 February 2014: Pay 2014… not good enough

Details of the proposals for the 2014 Pay Review have been published today (4/2/2014) by… [Read More]

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