Monthly Archives: March 2012

31 March – Ballot closed

The consultation on pay and bonuses has now ended. The ballot asked for Accord members’… [Read More]

26 March 2012 – Stressed Out!

The joint survey carried out by Accord and Unite closed on Monday 12th March.  More… [Read More]

22 March – Next steps for Verde

The next steps for Verde have been announced by the bank. The Verde business was… [Read More]

13 March – a very black day

It is a difficult time for HBOS staff in the Lloyds Banking Group.   The… [Read More]

9 March 2012 – Parking charges

Many members are outraged by the bank’s proposed introduction of car parking charges. Accord has… [Read More]

9 March: Pay 2012 & Group Bonus Scheme

Final talks on the 2012 Pay Review have taken place between the bank and the… [Read More]

7 March: Chris Goldthorpe to be new president

The new Accord principal executive council, including the new president, is announced today. Chris Goldthorpe… [Read More]

6th March 2012 – Stressed Out? Tell Us About It!

Both Accord and Unite have extended the deadline for responses to this important survey until… [Read More]

6th March 2012 – Bank to impose new Performance Improvement Policy

The Bank has decided to implement a harmonised Performance Improvement Policy without the agreement of… [Read More]

1 March – LBG introduces car parking charges

Lloyds Banking Group has announced today that it plans to introduce charges for car parking… [Read More]

1 March – Conference 2012: motions deadline extended

The ‘Action Taken Report’ on the motions from the Accord Conference in Belfast in 2010… [Read More]

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