Monthly Archives: July 2008

28th July 2008 – Security of Employment Issues

There have been a number of changes announced as the business reshapes to the new… [Read More]

23rd July 2008 – HBOS Rights Issue and market Speculation

Below is an extract from HBOS Today which was issued on July 21st and features a… [Read More]

20th July 2008 – Rights Issue

The HBOS £4bn Rights Issue closed on Friday and despite the worst that the short… [Read More]

20th July 2008 – National Branch Managers Forum

Following the BMMI results for H1 2008 and Retail’s desire to further understand how to… [Read More]

19th July 2008 – Security of Employment Issues

The big news of the week was the announcement on Wednesday, July 16th of the… [Read More]

18th July 2008 – Distribution Sales & Service Structures

Some changes were announced this week which resulted in no overall reduction in roles. The new structures become… [Read More]

13th July 2008 – Changes to e-Conveyancing

Following agreement at a joint meeting held on July 2nd, changes to and restructuring of… [Read More]

13th July 2008 – Class & BA Scorecard

Following joint discussions late in May, a note was issued by the HR Director of… [Read More]

10th July 2008 – Paperless Payslips Q&As

There has been an item on GroupNet about the planned move to paperless payslips later… [Read More]

8th July 2008 – Security Issues

A comprehensive report covering customer incidents and other security issues for the year 2007 was… [Read More]

7th July 2008 – Colleague Opinion Survey 2008

HBOS confirmed in a message on Groupnet on July 3rd that the 2008 Colleague Opinion… [Read More]

6th July 2008 – Managers Advisory Committee

The Manager’s Advisory Committee, which is made up of managers from the Retail Network and… [Read More]

5th July 2008 – ELAS

An update was issued regarding the proposed sale of ELAS on July 3rd. The Union… [Read More]

5th July 2008 – HR changes after Lex merger

As part of the merger with Lex, the Lex Academy and Systems Training team were… [Read More]

4th July 2008 – What is “business as usual?”

Even when the Rights Issue is a distant memory, “business as usual” in the future… [Read More]

4th July 2008 – Corporate Division Joint Meeting

The latest monthly consultation meeting took place on June 17th. A range of matters was… [Read More]

3rd July 2008 – Rights Issue

The union was represented at the Extraordinary General Meeting of HBOS shareholders in Edinburgh on… [Read More]

2nd July 2008 – Change to Mileage Rates

HMRC announced an increase to mileage rates from July 1st. HBOS has decided to amend… [Read More]

2nd July 2008 – General Meeting of Accord Reps in I&I

Accord reps from throughout the Division met in Birmingham on June 30th. They were given… [Read More]

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