Monthly Archives: May 2008

31st May 2008 – Market Uncertainty and the HBOS Rights issue

The market turmoil has continued with events in Bradford & Bingley plc not helping matters… [Read More]

30th May 2008 – Retail Network Joint Meeting

A joint meeting took place in Halifax on May 28th at which the unions and… [Read More]

27th May 2008 – Corporate Joint Meeting

A joint meeting was held in Edinburgh on May 21st at which the unions requested… [Read More]

25th May 2008 – Tom Woolgrove on Partnership

The Head of the GI business, Tom Woolgrove, included a reference to Partnership and the… [Read More]

24th May 2008 – Mileage Rates

The escalating price of fuel is creating a demand amongst members for HBOS to raise… [Read More]

20th May 2008 – Health Wellbeing & Attendance Policy

The agreed new policy has been launched by a Groupnet article and the agreed roll-out… [Read More]

19th May 2008 – Branches in Scotland

The Union has been informed of a review of opening hours that has taken place… [Read More]

16th May 2008 – General Insurance Joint Meeting

A joint meeting was held in Leeds on May 12th at which:   The Head… [Read More]

15th May 2008 – Group Functions Joint Meeting

A joint meeting was held in Edinburgh on May 13th at which: The HR team… [Read More]

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