19 December 2018: ‘Making the most of Christmas’ – from The Bank Workers Charity

Lots of us feel more stressed over Christmas than at any other time of year. The cost of presents, food and drink, the pressure of shopping and having to manage everyone’s needs all play their part in making the festive season stressful.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Making a plan not only saves time and money but can mean we get to the 25th with smiles on our faces. Here are a few ideas to help you and your colleagues plan ahead so we can all enjoy Christmas.

  • Make a plan, organise a budget, shop early and make sure you don’t overspend
  • Block out time for yourself. Take a walk, meet with friends, have a bath, read a book, or listen to music – anything that helps you unwind
  • Try not to agree to too many events in the final few weeks but stagger them across the month
  • Hosting a dinner? Get everyone to pitch in, and if you cheat a little by using a few shop-bought items, no-one will mind
  • Take time out to help others – volunteering has been shown to lift your spirits

Although it’s easy to make a plan for the festive season, what can be harder is finding the time to unwind. So why not share the Bank Workers Charity’s practical guide on learning how to relax with your colleagues? They’ll be more likely to enjoy Christmas by keeping it simple and focusing on what’s important. It’s the best way to de-stress this December.

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