1 June 2017: Accord welcomes MBNA staff to LBG

Responding to today’s news that Lloyds Banking Group has completed the acquisition of the MBNA Ltd credit card business from Bank of America, Accord’s General Secretary, Ged Nichols, said:

“This is another significant milestone for Lloyds Banking Group following its return to full private ownership last month.

The acquisition of MBNA is the first since LBG was forged in the ‘white heat’ of the financial crisis in 2008/9.

Clearly, the good news is tempered by concerns about jobs as these two successful businesses come together but the announcement that LBG will be retaining the MBNA building in Chester is very positive.

Accord is experienced in bringing new colleagues together and working on behalf of all for job security, fair rewards and dignity at work.

We’ll be reaching out to the employees at MBNA, offering to work with them to build the best possible future in Lloyds Banking Group.”

Any queries should be sent to ged.nichols@AccordHQ.org

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